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Building the new site.

Just goofing and building the new site. You have to remember I’m a NEXT-LEVEL Slacker 😉 I work on this only when I absolutely have nothing else to do. That or avoiding the dreaded honeydew list 😉

The overall plans are to restore as the primary site. The process will be slow. Besides, it’s meant for the 1 1/2 people who actually read what I write. So you’ll see new content whenever I feel like posting something. I have to maintain that prestigious “NEXT-LEVEL Slacker” badge!

What have I been up to lately you ask? Not much, just goofing with this or that game. Most of my time has been spent between family life and gaming.

Will the Two Fat Geeks still be a thing? The short answer: Have you seen “Between Two Ferns: The Movie?” Well, it’s kind of like that. My real life has taken center stage. So all side projects came to a screeching halt. We had fun with it when we were doing it. Man, we made it all the way to episode two 😉 I am hoping with a little minor rebranding we can continue.

Having goofed with this type of stuff for longer than I can to admit, I still enjoy it. Even if my audience is a super small niche. I’ll keep doing it until the money runs out or I die.

If you took the time to read this then you’re “SUPER BORED!” I’m glad you did. Have a GREAT day!

By Andy

A silly website admin lost in space...